Dog Run - 5cm Bar


Complete four sided dog runs. Panels have 5cm bar spacings ideal for all breeds. Doors have padlock facility. Runs can be bolted together to form blocks. Dog run Panels are interchangeable.  and Can be roofed (see roofing section page)   Can be made larger or dismantled and moved at any time. Please let us know if you require a cabin inside or outside the run. All panels are 1.84m high. All panels have a 5cm leg for ease of cleaning.  All doors open inwards giving you control. The bar type have the added advantage of anti climb preventing dogs from climbing out.

2metre_x_1.5_met_4cb9a6f724591.jpg Average customer rating:

2metre x 1.5 metre (5cm spaced bar)

Sale Price:
3_metre_x_1.5_me_4cb9a74b6ccaf.jpg Average customer rating:

3 metre x 1.5 metre (5cm spaced bar)

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3_metre_x_2_metr_4cb9a841916e6.jpg Average customer rating:

3M x 2m 5cm spaced bar)

Sale Price:
5cm-bar-run Average customer rating:

4M x 2m (5cm spaced bar)

Sale Price:

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