Puppy Panels & Runs

At Slaneyside Dog Kennels and Runs we understand that choosing a run for a puppy requires special attention. We have made sure that the puppy panels and runs that we stock are lower than full height runs, which makes them more reassuring for pups and small breeds. What’s more, we’ve chosen a solution that features a step in the gate to stop pups escaping when you enter. These puppy panels are perfect for dividing up whelping houses because they allow you to keep pups contained in their designated area. What’s more, if you have a small breed of dog, this run is the best choice for you too.

Personalised Puppy Runs

Fully galvanized to prevent rust, these panels come in a great range of sizes enabling to personalise your puppy run to your particular needs by adding or removing panels to increase or decrease the size. What’s more, the 5cm bar system acts as an anti-climb deterrent. These puppy panels and runs are much more robust than the pre-packed puppy runs you’ll find in pet stores and are in stock and ready to deliver to your door.

We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for in our current range of kennels and dog runs. However, if you’d like more information before you buy now, you can contact us either by telephone or by email, or visit one of our display areas across Ireland so you can see the quality of our products for yourself.

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2metre by 1.5 metre puppy run

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3metre x 1.5metre Puppy run

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