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Dog Kennel Solutions

At Slaneyside Kennels we specialize in pet containment products, We manufacture here on site the 'dog ruff' range and also source a wide selection of products to run along side them, When sourcing our manufactures we always choose quality products that are design to last with comfort for the pet the main focus. We have being supplying the pet industry with procts since 2004.

When choosing a run you need to size it appropriate for the dog or dogs that are to be housed in it. taking into consideration the length of time the dog will be in it each day. We have 3 types of dog run panel to choose from, First we have the 8cm spaced bar dog run which is suitable for medium top large breeds.For small breeds and security dogs the 5cm bar or mesh panel runs are more suitable.

The second run panel we do is the 5cm bar spaced panel this is suitable for all breeds with the anti climb bar, and a 5cm spacing between the bars.

The third type of run we provide for our customers is the popular 50mm x 50mm mesh panel. this run is 4 gauge strenge ideal for all breeds aswell as cats and large birds. This is a popular choice with commercial dog breeders and boarding kennels

Dog Housing

We provide a with selection of dog kennels and dog cabins from small to full height 6ft kennels to breeders blocks. We have worked with animal rescue centres, prision service and boarding kennels on various project with our selection of kennels. Our kennels are designed with anti chew areas, removable lids, draft barriers .

To completion these two areas we have a wide selecton of products from dog sleeping benchs, dog drinkers and feeding bowls to sliding hatch and our list is ever growing take time to have a good look around our site.

Slaneyside kennel solutions

Our aim is to provide a one stop shop for specialist dog products suitable for boarding kennels, dog breeders, animal rescue centers, and individual customers. We have one of the largest ranges of dog runs, dog houses, dog fences in Ireland , northern Ireland and the UK available in stock ready for immediate dispatch. We carry three different types of dog run, the 8cm bar run, the 5cm spaced bar and the 50mm x 50mm mesh type.. the 8cm is the cheapest option and with 8cm spacings between the bars its suitable for medium to large breeds but for security dog and dogs with extra strength we recommend the mesh dog run.Our second range is the 5cm spaced type, this is suitable for all breeds of dogs and is a popular choice for dog breeders and boarding kennels.The third range of dog run that we stock is the 50 mm mesh dog run this run is suitable for all breeds with its extra strong 4 gauge steel.we sell our dog runs as complete four sided units or we give the option of 3 sided or 2 sided for corners, also we sell our pet enclousure panels individually if you want to create your own sized dog run.

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