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Dog Runs For Your Dog

Deciding on the correct dog size run

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Pet owners are inclined to buy dog runs for their pets as a way to keep them confined in a well-built area, where your dog, can, well be a dog. When deciding to buy a run for your dog you need to consider the following.

What are dog runs?

Dog runs are designed to be a safety net for your pet. They allow your dog to run freely around the place that they call home. When pet owners leave their house unattended, generally when they come back, their house is destroyed from the mess your dog makes. As dogs love the outdoors, it is not inhumane in any way to have them locked up in a dog run. If anything, it is the complete opposite.

Does area matter for a dog run?

When deciding on a dog run, pet owners need to first look at the area where they want to put it. The area in your back garden is the key decider as this will be your dog’s second home for life. You should take into consideration factors such as placing your dog in the shade for when it gets too hot or away from pests you may have.

Knowing that your dog will be in a safe and secure location, this will give you peace of mind that nothing bad will happen to them when you’re away from the house.

Does the size matter for a dog run?

Once you know where your run is going to be placed, finding out the correct size depends on how big your dog is. There are two types of dog runs at Slaneyside Kennels you need to consider.

1. Four Sided Dog Run

The four-sided dog runs are designed to be robust and durable, even in harsh weather conditions. The dog run can be an added extension to one of the kennels supplied at Slaneyside. This allows your dog to roam free in a safe and secure environment.

2. Puppy Panel Runs

Pet owners who own a puppy require a great amount of care. A puppy run is a great way to teach your dog the importance of discipline from a very early age. However, a good rule of thumb is to have a large run that is suitable for an adult, as puppies tend to grow in size.

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